First Home Owner Grant Australia 2017

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG)  is a grant which is carried out in Australia. This grant is aimed at encouraging and assisting the ownership of homes all over the nation. It is also a way to help those who are eligible to borrow to have start life well as the owner of a property. This grant is different in each of the states throughout the whole national terrain and in a majority of the places, it is applicable only to newly built of purchased homes. Below is an outline of the nature of this grants in the various states.


Queensland was the state which always collected the grant with the best name prize but unfortunately, this grant which was called the “Great Start Grant” was renamed form the 1st of July 2016 to Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant.
Those eligible first home buyers who buy or are building new homes whose value reaches $750,000 off-the-plan homes inclusive receive this grant which is $20,000. This grant amount is applicable only to all those purchasing or building contracts which are signed between the 1st of July and the 31st of December 2017for all the contracts which are signed during these periods and then revert back to $15000 which is the original.


The government of New South Wales announced many reforms from the 1st of July 2017 aimed at the improvement of affordability for the first home purchasers. The most significant of these reforms are

  • Reduction on Stamp duty for homes with a value which rises to $800,000.
  • Absence of stamp duties for all homes with a value which rises to $650,000.
  • An FHOG amount of $10,000 for all those who purchase homes whose value rises to $600,000 and those building new homes of up to $750,000.
  • Absence of Insurance duties on the insurance of lender’s mortgage
  • To get benefits from this grant, you must stay for a minimum six months in the home you bought within the first year in which you owned the property except for those working in the Australian Defense Force.
  • Those who purchase vacant land with a value which rises to or homes with a value which rises to an amount of$550,000 may also be exempted from transfer duty. You might also receive a concession on transfer duty added to all new home whose value ranges between an amount of $550,000 and an amount of $650,000 or unoccupied land whose value ranges between an amount of $350,000 and an amount of $450,000.


In South Australia, there is a grant of $15,000 only for residential dwellings with a value which rises to $575,000. Those who will be eligible for this grant must have stayed in the acquired property for at least a six-month period during the first year of ownership.
Those who buy off-the-plan apartments which meet the criteria required might also be eligible to benefit from a capped amount of $21,330, an off-the-plan concession on the total stamp duty.
There are also grants which rise to $7,000 in South Australia for established apartments depending on the buyer and location. Figure out the one which is perfect for you by taking a look at the terms and conditions.


Here, First Home Owner Grant can be given to capable first home buyers summing to an amount of $10,000 aimed at constructing or purchasing a new apartment. A purchase price which rises to $750,000 is placed for apartments found in the 26th parallel which covers the whole Perth Metropolitan area of Perth while those homes which are found at 26th parallel’s North side have a value which rises to an amount of $1 million.

There was an announcement by the government that there was a temporary boost to the First Home Owners Grant of $5,000 on December 26th 2016. All those first home purchasers who were eligible entered a contract which was between the 1st of January and the 30th of June in the year 2017 for the building or buying of new homes were recipients of this boost.

There was also the Home Buyers Assistance Account for the eligible first home buyers i.e. a grant which rises to an amount $2,000 which was for the coverage of the expenses of incidence incurred in the purchase of a partially built or established home via a real estate agent who is licensed. This was for properties whose price rises to an amount of $400,000.


The First home owner grant  in this state rises to an amount of $26,000 for all first home buyers constructing or purchasing an established or new home form the 24th of May 2016. There is no limit to the purchase price of new homes purchased after the 1st of January 2015.
There is also a First Home Owner Discounts on stamp duty which rises to $23, 928.60 for all first home buyers who buy an established home whose value rises to $650,000.
There is a Household Goods Grant which rises to $2,000 which is for the buying of household goods granted to all those who are eligible for the First Home Owner Grant.
A Home Renovation Grant which rises to an amount of $10,000 also exists and those who benefit are all the recipients of the First Home Owners Discount.


Here there is a grant which rises to $20,00 offered to first home purchasers who purchase a home which is still new in the regional area of Victoria or those with a value which rises up to $10,000 for the homes in the cities. The price limit for the new homes eligible is an amount of $750,000.

First home purchasers might be qualified for different stamp duty concessions:
Both established and new homes are qualified for a first home owner duty reduction to fifty percent if the value of the house is at $600,000 or less.
Both New and set up homes whose value rises to $550,000 are qualified for a main place of residence (PPR) authorization in the event that you plan to stay there as your first home.

In the first place home purchasers with a family (no less than one dependent kid) might be qualified for a duty concession on a property whose value rises to an amount of $200,000.
The revamped lots and off-the-shore properties qualified for an off-the-plan duty concession.
Youthful farmers have eligibility for the young farmer’s permit or exemption when they purchase their first farmland property.



Home in the Australian National capital receives a FHOG of $7,000 as of the 1st of January 2017 which is a reduction form the $10,000 given in 2016. Those applying for this grant are to those first home buyers who purchase substantially renovated, off-the-plan and new properties whose value rises to an amount of $750,000. It is obligatory that you stay for a minimum one year in the property in the first year of your ownership of the property.
First home buyers in ACT might also have the eligibility to defer duty payment if they have thе eligibility of the FHOG as well.



In this Apple Isle, the FHOG as of the 1st of January 2016 to the 39th of June 2018 is a sum of $20,000 for the purchase of a “spec” home, new home, owner/builder home or an off-the-plan home. The grant will then revert to just $10,000 after June 30th, 2018 so first home owners have to get in with haste.

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